Wellington Lair is a social group committed to building an amazing lifestyle.


The primary focus of the Wellington Lair is going out and working in the field. All skill levels are welcome. Anybody who wants to join constructive, like-minded people in persuing the PUA lifestyle is welcome.

The main goal of the forums is to meet and greet, and to set up winging with others. Before the forum was set up, everything was done through me via my email account. As the lair grew, this became unmanageable, thus the forums were created.

No worries about being a newbie. The type of guys we want in the lair are just chill, social, cool guys. To join, being good with cold approaching is a non issue. You'll get there.

So, go ahead and register a forum account, then check out the "Newbie Board" (only viewable to registered users) for info on becoming a full member. We have an easy graduated system to help filter out lurkers, and to create more of a tight-knit circle of friends in the full member group.

What is a Lair Group?

When I first heard the term "Lair group" I thought of something sinister - maybe a bunch of dorky guys meeting up at one of their Mom's houses, playing Dungeons and Dragons. Other lair groups may be like that, but really we're not.

The term "Lair" was made up years ago, and now it's just become a common term; I can't really think of a good description, but I can tell you what we do.

What Wellington lair is, is really a social group. We'll meet up down town in groups of two or three, then just go socialise, and bring girls into our interactions. If you're female, and want to find out what we're about, that's cool. Join up and find out, and come out with us. We go out to have fun, and end up creating a great vibe and picking up in the process. It's all really chill, all the guys in the forum (as far as I know) are all real helpful, awesome people.

BUT the difference between going out with your regular friends, and coming out with a lair member is: you WILL meet tons of new people if you come out with us.

What is a typical night like for somebody new to the group?

We rolled into the club, got drinks, hung out and and chatted for 10 minutes. After that, it was time to get the night started properly. We walked over to a different part of the club, and opened a set just by introduction, and finding out what they were up to. If you know me, my opening style is a very fun dominant style, ordering all the girls around (in a fun way, with good vibes, and a smile on my face) - everybody has a style which suits them, and for me, I think that's it.

After about 3 minutes of talking to these two girls, a bunch of their girlfriends turned up (i.e. about Cool, and a couple "nice guys". Intro, intro, intro, and before long we were surrounded by pretty-hot chicks. Chatting, vibing, telling stories, teasing, chilling, having fun.

Teasing is a big part of it.

This set lasted maybe a half hour, one by one, they started to drift off to go dance - I teased one and asked her to show me her dance moves (with a Napoleon Dynamite tone of voice), she grabbed my hand to pull me over to dance, however, well, I don't particularly like dancing that much, so I just let go and stayed where I was.

For the second set, (2, HB8 & HB7) we rolled over to another part of the club, and the were two girls walking in the opposite direction to us, talking, engaged in conversation - I grabbed one by the arm, she faced me, I grabbed the other by the arm and pulled her in also (The CLAW in it's PUREST FORM), then I went random like a madman, BIG HAPPY BABY, big smile on my face, relaxing into radiating the happy vibes, and also rapidly changing the subject mid sentance, and put them in a state of both AWE and CONFUSION (btw, it was the claw which put them in the state of awe - THE CLAW ALWAYS WINS. There is NO OTHER OPTION when THE CLAW CLAWS THEM IN)

This was a real fun convo, the girls were laughing their asses off. lots of kino, I was wearing a cafe-racer motorcycle jacket with shoulder/elbow armor, so of course at one point they were commenting on it, so I say "grab my shoulder", one of the girls starts stroking it.. "NO DON"T STROKE IT... *to her friend* geez is she always like this. *back to her* It's a bit early for that, and I only just met you.... *back to her friend* I said grab it, then she starts stroking me".. I tell her to grab it again, and this time she does it the way I want her to.

We talk about dessert, HB8 asks me what my favourite dessert is, I don't actually eat dessert except for maybe once per month. I tell them I'm on "my ab diet".. seriously, I can say anything and they basically PEE THEIR PANTS WITH DELIGHT.. (btw, as far as I can tell, they're not drunk, or at least they're not obviously drunk) then she asks what I eat for breakfast, I tell them "broccoli". laugh laugh laugh. I tell them they better be paying me for making their night this fun, bla bla bla talking about breakfast, then I "catch on" and say "oh my god. I've only known you guys for like ten minutes, and you're already talking about what we're going to eat when we get up in the morning" you guys are BAD!


It was basically comedy hour with these girls. Misinterpeting much of what they say. It's fun to meet girls who are open, and happy.

There were several other sets which went for a few minutes, like opening on the way to another part of the club. All went really well, all great responses.


Sets opened: 2 which lasted about 1.5 hours total. 4 which were brief transitional-sets.
Rejections: ZERO.
Routines: ZERO. Totally freestyling. If you want to come out and use routines, that's all good - it is one way to get great conversation momentum.
Fun: A whole lot of fun.



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